• Brand: Пекарна за кафе DIO

Colombia ANAEROBIC is much more than a specialty coffee, it is an arrogant coffee that wants to show the world that it has a unique liqueur taste. It is processed through an anaerobic fermentation process. A long fermentation process was used - 180 hours.

The producer is Fabio Nelson Arrollo, who grows just 10 hectares of coffee in his plantation, which is in the Huila region.

Colombia ANAEROBIC has intense aromas and flavors resembling a wine glass. The main notes in the taste are: grapes, pineapple, banana, watermelon.

The anaerobic process has loaded the coffee with nuances in the flavor of fermented grapes, intense, dense with moderate to medium acidity.

This coffee is suitable for the late afternoon, completely replacing dessert and a glass of whiskey. A perfect end to the day in sophisticated company.

Type: Arabica
Baking level: LIGHT
Origin: Columbia
Harvest: LOT 22/23
Drying process: ANAEROBIC
Quality: Specialty coffee - Outstanding

Flavors: Liqueur, cherries, grapes, cocoa.

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