DIO Specialty Coffee Roastery - The simbol of Varna

DIO Specialty Coffee Roastery - The simbol of Varna

DIO is the first Specialty Coffee Roastery in Varna 9000, Bulgaria. It was born out of our passion of coffee, but it true value is the people who created the spirit of DIO. The uniqueness of DIO is expressed in the demanding quality of the offered coffees, combined with unpretentiousness in terms of packaging, advertising and direct sales without an intermediary through our small shop, and hence the good price.

DIO is a symbol of quality! Because the selection of Specialty coffee is the basis of our specialty coffee roastery. When it comes to special coffee in Varna, this is the right place where you can find a memorable specialty coffee.

A guarantee for the high quality of the offered coffees is the origin of the coffees! We have trusted some of the most renowned coffee wholesale warehouse in Europe. The specialty wholesale warehouse in Italy, which with its 70-year tradition in the selection of coffee gives us the best of each vintage specialty coffee. As well as delivery of specialty coffee from Scandinavian markets.

Each coffee is "Traceability", ie it can be traced from the plantation to the stock exchange, and from there to our coffee roastery, which is a guarantee that each coffee is exactly what you ordered;
The coffee roastery offers Specialty coffee class Outstanding, excellence and very good;
As well as the best of the popular varieties of Arabica.

Our philosophy is to offer the highest possible quality specialty coffee at the lowest possible price, we achieve this by buying raw, green coffee without intermediaries.

We use quality, three-layer packaging that preserves the quality of coffee, but without advertising pictures and inscriptions, so as not to make them unnecessarily expensive.

We do not fight for "growth at any cost", but rely on the loyalty of our customers by offering them quality without compromise and analogue.

Our Specialty Coffee Roastery is equipped with a high quality coffee roasting machine, made to order especially for us, according to the personal requirements of the roaster. In this way, each specialty coffee is roasted in the best way for it.



Address of coffee roastery and coffee shop DIO:
Varna, Chaika quarter, bk. 193 - Caffetteria DIO
mobile phone: + 395 895 451 552

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