Frequently asked questions F.A.Q.


АКО СТЕ НАПРАВИЛИ ПОРЪЧКА, МОЛЯ ДА ИЗЧАКАТЕ ТЪРПЕЛИВО ДА СЕ СВЪРЖЕМ С ВАС! Обичайно това се случва в рамките на работният ден.

Телефонното обаждане няма да ускори доставката, НАПРОТИВ ще я забави, тъй като ПРИОРИТЕТНО се обслужват правилно подадените поръчки.

How to get a discount of up to 12%?

You can take advantage of a discount on the price of coffee depending on the value of your order.

Discount levels:
- from 50 to 100 levs - 4%
- from 100 to 150 levs - 8%
- over BGN 150 - 12%

2 different promotions cannot be combined!

How to order coffee?

You can order using the order form located next to each item.

Choose the coffee you want, add it to the "basket", then visit the basket and place your order by following the steps described.

Make sure that your address and phone number are filled in correctly, this will ensure that the courier will be able to find you and deliver your order.

We work with the courier company Speedy, which is part of dpd. You can track your order and request an exact delivery time.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Only 200 grams packages are available through the online store. You can buy a larger quantity, but a multiple of 200 g. (200 g, 400 g, 600 g, 800 g, 1 kg)

Do you offer wholesale coffee?

Yes, we offer wholesale coffee for restaurants and offices (end customers).

What kind of coffee is it?

All coffees offered in DIO Specialty Coffee Roastery are Arabica variety.

DIO Specialty Coffee Roastery offers only coffees with over 80 cupping points, ie they are real specialty coffee.

Each coffee offered is roasted in small batches, which is a guarantee of freshness, intense aroma and floral taste. We treat each batch like jewelry we make. We guarantee pleasure with every cup of coffee!

In case you find the answers listed above not helpful, please do not hesitate to contact us.